Queensland NBN Coverage Map and Roll Out Plans

The NBN continues to roll out across the country and the nbn™ co has predicted that the entire nation will enjoy the benefits of high-speed broadband by the end of 2020. The roll out across Queensland mirrors what is happening across Australia and there are still large areas of Queensland yet to receive access to the NBN. The good news is that more and more areas in Queensland have had NBN installed or can look forward to enjoying the benefits of NBN in the next twelve months.

In July this year, the nbn™ co announced that it was adding the areas of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast and Springfield in greater Brisbane to the list of suburbs due for rollout. NBN spokesperson, Greg Adcock, is bullish about the pace of rollout across Australia.

“The expansion of the rollout reflects the company’s new multi-technology approach and is an important step toward reaching our goal of connecting eight million premises to the nbn™ network by 2020. Today, around one in ten homes and businesses can connect to the nbn™ network. Our recently renegotiated construction contracts give us the confidence to schedule more than double that amount to start construction over the next 18 months.”

This is great news for Queenslanders, as the pace of the rollout picks up and more and more suburbs and areas come on line, more people will experience the benefits of high speed broadband. NBN connectivity has been concentrated in built up areas like Brisbane, where much of the city either has been connected or is in the process of being built. Other cities to benefit from early connection include Townsville, Mackay and Cairns.

The NBN will deliver massive benefits to all Queensland homes and businesses and all Queenslanders can look forward to fast reliable broadband Internet, which will result in:

  • Better access to markets for business – High-speed broadband allows smooth communications overseas and interstate and the transfer of large amounts of data in a seamless fashion.
  • Greater communication options for businesses – Video conferencing, access to recorded video and the transfer of large documents and files in seconds are all possible.
  • Better work life balance – High speed broadband opens up all sorts of working possibilities and makes working from home and remote areas a more distinct possibility
  • Smooth video conferencing – No frozen screens or blurred distorted communications.
  • Great benefits to health diagnosis and consultation – Telehealth is one of the great benefits to remote parts of Queensland.
  • Better access to education resources and channels.
  • Greater entertainment options in the home, including video streaming on demand. Companies like Netflix will become more accessible across Queensland as Internet speeds increase.

As the NBN reaches more and more Queensland homes and businesses, the benefits of this technology will help Queenslanders to access new and exciting technologies


4g Broadband Plans in Australia

If you have ever experienced the frustration of waiting for files to load on your 3G device, you will love what 4G has to offer. 4G simply offers faster load times than 3G users can only dream of.

How fast? Try up to ten times faster!

4G commonly operates at speeds between 20 mbps and 30 mbps. These speeds will vary depending on how close you are to a tower. Right now, the best 4G coverage is in the capital city areas, as you would expect, and as you journey into lesser-populated areas, services may revert to 3G.

However, 4G offers real benefits to wireless Internet users. With 4G, there is no more annoying buffering when trying to watch your favourite YouTube videos or music streaming and website loading will be much faster.

If you don’t have a 4G device at the minute, there is no need to panic. 4G is the up and coming thing, but right now coverage is still available for 3G across the country as 4G s rolled out. 3G remains the sole means of transmitting voice calls at this time.

There is no need to worry about which network that you are on as modern phones are smart enough to access the best and fastest channel according to your location. Of course, if you have a 3G device then you can’t access the 4G network, but a 4G device can easily switch between channels.

By now, you may be wondering how much 4G is going to cost and you may be surprised to learn that 4G services cost no more than 3G. Accessing a 4G mobile plan will give you the following key benefits:

  • Faster Video and Music Downloads – 4G will save you heaps of time when you download movies to your mobile phone
  • Better Quality Video Calling – Skype video calls can be wonderful, but with current 3G connection speeds, video calls often become unworkable because of slow connection speeds. 4G makes those connection speeds a thing of the past.
  • Faster Apps and Podcast Downloads – 4G will deliver podcast downloads and app updates in a matter of seconds. There’s no more waiting around for a Wi-Fi connection. Be warned though – all that ease of downloading may put your data limits at risk, so be sure to have your data limits set accordingly.
  • More efficient apps – If you use social media regularly, you’ll love 4G. Status updates on Twitter and Facebook will be much faster as will page loading and picture uploading. Other apps like Google Maps will update much faster.

4G is the coming thing as far as telecommunications and wireless Internet is concerned. 3G is still a viable working technology, but as new technology rolls out across Australia, 4G will become more accessible and the preferred technology. The costs are similar but 4G will deliver everything faster. Your browsing experience will be uninterrupted and your data will be constantly updated. 4G is the next generation in telecommunications and wireless Internet.

How to Choose the Best NBN Plan

The National Broadband Network (NBN) can claim the best technology in today’s competitive market. Increased stability and high speed and a cheaper option for most people, makes the NBN truly desirable. The best NBN plans – offered by service providers like Telesurf – are generally easy to follow, giving you options for selecting your preferred speed and usage quota and optional extras, such as adding a phone to your account (and with Telesurf, a security plan). To ensure that you get what you pay for and don’t have added extras you won’t use, choosing the right plan is an important first step. The following information will help you make your decision.

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What’s Your Speed? Understanding Internet Speeds

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