5 Major Benefits of NBN

5 Major Benefits of NBN

The NBN is an important part of Australia’s digital evolution, offering access to essential broadband services throughout the country. Opportunities in business, education, health care, entertainment, social networking and essential services are critical benefits of NBN, providing options for greater productivity, efficiency and connectivity.

Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

A fast and reliable internet connection opens up a world of opportunities – from offering a work/life balance, providing the opportunity for people to work from home, making conference calls, or catching up on the latest news, to being able to make face to face contact with loved ones. Flexibility and freedom are the keywords we can associate with a fast and reliable internet connection.

A Boon for Busy Households

NBN allows people from the same household, on numerous different devices – from PCs, tablets and phones – to all enjoy the same high speed at the same time. Whether you wish to do your online banking or shopping, research for your university paper, download images of your favourite holiday destination, or live stream an episode of your favourite television show, you can do it all at once with NBN, with no loss of speed or clarity.


Every connected device in your home can – at the same time – provide the best in entertainment with the utmost speed and quality. From online gaming, video streaming, podcasts, music downloads, sport, news and photos, the National Broadband Network offers all you could want in reliable entertainment.


With access to millions of sites the world over, education is the winner in the digital age. No matter where you live, resources are yours to discover when you have access to a high speed and reliable internet connection, which – with the click of a button – can transfer you to the National Library in Canberra, or to the Mona Lisa in The Louvre. Opportunities abound for children and adults alike, with the implementation of the NBN.


E-health and telehealth are two online medical systems, which – as a result of high-speed broadband – can offer the very best in health support. This support ranges from video consultation, documentation, record and results sharing, to transfer of medical images and payments. The benefits are obvious, particularly so for patients and practitioners who reside in rural areas.

The five benefits of the NBN mentioned here are just a small percentage of the market that will be greatly assisted by the introduction of the network.

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