Best Productivity Apps Part 1

Best Productivity Apps Part 1

Smartphones and tablets nowadays are with us everywhere we go; whether we use them for personal or professional use, or maybe a bit of both. With larger screen, we are able to create our own unique content, while powerful processors enable us to work quickly and efficiently. With most modern devices allowing us to hook up to Wi-Fi, we’re all set – all you need now are a few nifty apps to help you organise all of this powerful technology:

Asana (Android, iOS)

Imagine holding a meeting with multiple people sharing ideas, checking deadlines and allocating jobs, without even one of these people being in the same room. This ‘over the net’ communication network allows you to do this and more, effectively and efficiently.

CloudMagic (Android, iOS)

Looking for an email app that provides numerous email services? Then consider CloudMagic. Gmail, iCloud IMAP, Exchange plus more are supported. Features include an inbox that holds five accounts, plus a ‘contextual card’ that allows you to send specific mail content to popular tools like Onenote, Zendesk and more.

Evernote (Android, iOS)

This highly advanced app allows you to create a plaintext note on your laptop; you can then open it in your smartphone. This app supports typed and dictated notes and memos, as well as images. Excellent organisational tools and search functions

Google Keep (Android, iOS)

Simplicity at its best. This no nonsense app keeps your notes either typed or dictated, your thoughts, reminder lists all safe and sound on colour coded ‘cards’. You can attach photos and sync your devices.

LastPass (Android, iOS, WP8)

Are you sick and tired of mucking around with passwords and logins? The LastPass Premium app is what you need. It’s a password vault, a browser, and is able to generate strong passwords, all rolled into one. Sync your password vaults and this browser will automatically fill in your log in particulars and forms when surfing the net, either through the in-app browser, Chrome or Safari.

Mailbox (Android, iOS)

If you use Gmail or iCloud, this email tool – with its simply designed interface – will allow you to quickly peruse through your inboxes, scanning conversations and messages then deploy them to either your archives or trash boxes. The ‘snooze’ feature in this app allows a number of very versatile and handy applications. Unfortunately, this app won’t save your draft messages.

OneNote (Android, iOS)

OneNote is a constantly evolving app. It has cloud technology, multiple user capabilities, you can capture your ideas or add something on your to do lists in the blink of an eye.

Pocket (Android, iOS)

The pocket – previously known as the respected ‘Read it Later’ service – enables the user to select and save any pictures, videos or articles from the web. You can then save them and inspect them at your leisure.

Refresh (iOS)

We all get nervous meeting new people, especially new business contacts. Refresh will check your calendar for upcoming meetings and automatically gathers information about the person you’re meeting, sourcing Facebook, Twitter and more. All your history with this person (such as email correspondence, where / when did we meet etc.) will be stored by this app.

Trello (Android, iOS)

This adaptable, flexible and very useful app allows you to create multiple lists, but think of these lists as vessels that are filled with ‘cards’. These cards can hold anything from ideas to pictures and you can share this info with other users, move info from list to list, add comments or allocate tasks. Think of it as digital whiteboard.

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