Best Productivity Apps Part 2

Best Productivity Apps Part 2

Following on from our last blog, Best Productivity Apps Part 1, we have ten more apps that will streamline your productivity and help you function with your everyday work: (Android, iOS)

Jam-packed full of extra bits and bobs, this fantastic app allows you to type or dictate special events, the never ending to do lists, shopping lists, business matters etc., to your work associates, family and friends. A touch interface makes dragging and dropping tasks into specific categories a breeze. Never forget a birthday again with nicely timed reminder notifications.

Dropbox (Android, iOS)

Cloud storage and sharing made easy. Share, upload and download files, photos, documents; in fact, all your data can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device

Fantastical 2 (iOS)

Fantastical 2 has received an upgrade that has brought it up to date, so it can definitely compete with the ‘well known’ brands. With its new look and presentation, you can manage daily, weekly and monthly events with ease and efficiency.

Google Drive (Android, iOS)

This first-rate app integrates perfectly within the google environment. Google Docs has now been absorbed into drive, which makes it exceptional for viewing and then editing spreadsheets, documents etc., in fact all office suite programmes can be utilised.

IFTTT (Android, iOS)

Would you like to automate your tasks and save time? This app creates links, or ‘recipes’, by creating a simple connection between your product and app. This is a simple example of how this works; I will instruct the IFTTT app to create the following recipe, “If I post a particular article; save it in Dropbox”. Hence the name – If This Then That.

Microsoft Office Mobile (Android, iOS)

Office Mobile is now free for the home user! This app enables you to utilise Office Suite by synching through SharePoint or OneDrive. Create documents, spreadsheets, edit files as well as amazing PowerPoint presentations with graphics and charts. You can format your files on the run using your chosen device.

Quip (Android, iOS)

Import your documents from Evernote, Drive and Dropbox to easily convert documents to office formats or pdf. With a sidebar for messaging, you can quickly communicate with colleagues anywhere, anytime. Share documents, photos, articles with family and friends or colleagues simultaneously.

Sunrise (Android, iOS)

This extremely functional calendar app is a must for the busy person. By syncing Sunrise with your Google, Exchange and iCloud calendar, this app will assist you to organise your precious time efficiently with time zone support, reminders, location tagging and much more.

SwiftKey (Android)

How would you like customise your keyboard and have it just the way you like it, or an app that will quickly learn your vocabulary and typing idiosyncrasies and pre-empt your next move? Use SwiftKey cloud to sync your styles between Android and iOS.

Timeful (Android, iOS)

Smarter than the average app, Timeful will eventually do the thinking for you, learning your scheduling routine and pre-empting your next tasks. These tasks will come with recommended duration and scheduling times. The tasks are colour coded for easy access and categorisation. Plus, many more handy features.

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