Frequently Asked Questions

We are not sure what IT equipment suits our needs, can we have a discussion with you about our business?

Yes, of course. Our approach is based on understanding your business needs first, and assessing from many available options on the IT side to support your business. We will look at software, hardware and IT processes to assist you, either as purchases, or as monthly recurring managed service fees.

If you were managing our IT, what hours do you cover, we work kind of late?

All of our managed services have SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) based on your needs, all the way through to 24 x 7 X 365 days.

Where is your support based?

Our support staff is right in here in Australia.

Are there contract terms for the IT services?

Yes, where appropriate contracts may be 12 months to 36months, however some services are adhoc and consumed as one off projects.

Can you assist us with PC hardware and tablets?

We sure can look after all your IT procurement from small requirements to large work forces

We are not sure what state our IT is in, are we up to date with Windows versions, are we compliant to licensing and so on?

We can survey your IT environment as a starting point, and report to you on things such as licences, software patch levels both Microsoft and 3rd party, the state of virus protection, hardware utilisation and hardware related issues, and provide a way forward to update, modernise, replace and/or manage your infrastructure to maintain available systems for increased productivity.

We have a small office, and we are not sure how best to connect devices for internet access, or printing, or for accessing our server. Is this something you can help with?

Yes can we can provide some guidance about your Local Area Network, including appropriate hardware and security settings, and configure your local device accordingly.

We have several small offices, and we would like to share information and data between them, do we need a link between them all?

You do need them to be on the same network, and we can achieve that via various internet connection services available at each site, and create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to share resources.

Do I need Wi-Fi connection to my router?

Not always, a cable connection might be better for speed, and commercial grade routers tend not to have Wi-Fi. In this scenario we would add WAP’s (Wireless Access Points) behind the router/firewall, and configure them for use by your staff, or visitors.

How much internet bandwidth do I need?

Great question, and one that we can answer after reviewing your requirements in detail. For example, if you have many handsets on a PABX, you will need to review the upload speed more critically.

What internet service is best for us?

Again, a great question. We select from various carriers based on the availability of services. For example, you may be able to connect to ADSL (theoretically up to either 12mb or 25Mb download), but you may need more. We can investigate other options such as fibre symmetrical services, such as 50mb download and 50mb upload, or Radio links to your location

We have 1-1000 staff in our office, what are the benefits of a PABX?

Modern PABX’s allow for incoming and outgoing calls, answer points for all your advertised numbers nationally, transferring of calls, routing of calls based on available agents or time of day.

We need a phone's system, I’ve heard the term PABX, are they the same?

In most cases they are the same. A phones system that can make all your phones appear as extensions on one system are actually PABX’s (A private automatic branch exchange (PABX) is an automatic telephone switching system within a private enterprise.

Should I buy a PBX that will be located on my premises?

In most situations, you will be better off with a Hosted PBX. That is, we locate the PBX in the cloud and manage it for you. No requirement for asset purchases, and certainly no large upfront costs for hardware. The phones operate over your existing internet connection, and can be a monthly charge that can scale up and down as your requirements change. This solution is well suited to workforces that need the flexibility to work from home or other locations.

Can I get a 1300 number for my business, to start advertising?

You sure can, contact the team and they can arrange this for you quickly

We might need phones, are you able to assist with these?

We certainly can. We provide phones systems hosted in the cloud that can be configure quickly and easily to meet your communications needs. From a single phone to a call centre scenario and everything in between. Our Hosted PBX systems can be as simple or as complex as you need, to ensure you don’t miss calls, that calls are routed to the most appropriate person in your business, and allow your customers to see a professional and organised business.

Can I use my existing phone numbers on a new Hosted PBX solution?

You can do that, and we manage the process for you from start to finish, including any temporary numbers that might be needed to ensure no down time

Do I need a phone handset to use the PBX service?

Nope…in fact many of our customers make calls and answer calls with their laptops and mobile phones, as though they are an extension on the PABX in the office. It’s called Unified Communications.

We’ve heard that people back up data into the cloud somewhere. How do you do that , and is my data safe from Ransomware attacks once it’s in the cloud?

That is one use for cloud technologies, and we do provide backups of your computers and phones, to the cloud so that we can restore them to the same or new hardware, selectively restore files, and completely safe from viruses and ransomware.

Can I move my servers from my premises to the cloud?

We sure can move your services to the cloud in both AWS and Azure

Can you tell me what is on my network?

We can use agents to discover and report on hardware, software versions, windows version, virus protection.

Can you fix problems found during that discovery process?

Yes, and we can automate data collection to maintain compliance going forward

We’d like to get more from our Microsoft Office 365, maybe even use the email rather than our existing email, and integrate some of the functions in our business, where do we start.

We would be happy to survey your existing environment, and plan any migration to Office 365, including email, and Dynamics CRM, and Skype for Business.

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