Can The NBN Save Your Small Business Money?

Can The NBN Save Your Small Business Money?

NBN is set to change the way Australians do business in every imaginable way possible. The rollout has been viewed as the great white hope for small businesses in Australia, propelling their broadband speed and efficiency forward. With enhanced speeds and efficiency, small businesses can streamline their operations and bring in new avenues of opportunities at virtually no added cost. NBN will facilitate added savings for small businesses in a multitude of ways:

Saved Travel Costs

With high Internet speeds delivered by the NBN rollout, you can make virtual meetings a reality to eliminate several associated costs. For multi-location businesses, NBN will help reduce the cost of travelling by engaging in video conferencing and cheap call facilities like Skype. This will also save businesses from investing in expensive telephone lines. Staff will no longer need to travel to meet suppliers, associates and customers, but can continue to engage in face to face discussions — minus the high cost of travel and accommodation. Businesses will save time, travel and money on:

  • Sales and corporate meetings.
  • Training sessions and team meetings.
  • Project management and professional development.
  • Associate and supplier meetings across different geographies.

Saved Overhead Costs

By offering staff the flexibility of working remotely, businesses will no longer have to invest in large-scale office premises and costly office assets — helping them to save significantly in terms of overheads. Online tools like accounting software and inventory systems come at a fraction of the cost of buying local packages and paying additional accounting staff. The rollout of NBN creates faster and more reliable broadband speeds — so businesses can move most of their operations to cloud-based services and can eliminate pricey offline maintenance. For example, online financial transactions will reduce the need for additional bookkeeping staff. With cloud-based applications that liberate you from fixed costs, you can move your applications online. Reduce your expensive IT investments and deployment schedules by using these online services:

  • Sales tools
  • HR software and payroll
  • Project management
  • Customer relationship software
  • Accounting software
  • Payment systems

Savings through Shared Services

By taking advantage of shared storage services at a fraction of the cost of purchasing storage systems on your own, small businesses will be able to save a significant amount of money. Using online collaboration software, you can share information and ideas in a completely paperless manner. You can run the business at your fingertips no matter where you are, without having to pay for high-priced offline tools.

With increased Internet penetration — more people will have access to your services — on a national and global scale. That means that you’ll have access to new and bigger markets to expand your business as much as possible. By expanding your customer base and reducing your business costs, you’ll start raking in higher profits. The NBN rollout will open up a whole new world of opportunities to help you connect with your stakeholders more effectively — whether you’re a one-man operation or a multi-location business. With more and more offerings moving online, NBN is set to transform the way Australians do business.

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