Queensland NBN Coverage Map and Roll Out Plans

The NBN continues to roll out across the country and the nbn™ co has predicted that the entire nation will enjoy the benefits of high-speed broadband by the end of 2020. The roll out across Queensland mirrors what is happening across Australia and there are still large areas of Queensland yet to receive access to the NBN. The good news

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4g Broadband Plans in Australia

If you have ever experienced the frustration of waiting for files to load on your 3G device, you will love what 4G has to offer. 4G simply offers faster load times than 3G users can only dream of. How fast? Try up to ten times faster! 4G commonly operates at speeds between 20 mbps and 30 mbps. These speeds will

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Why Australia Needs NBN

Australia is a vast continent that has always had to battle the tyranny of distance. By offering fast affordable reliable Broadband Internet to all Australians, the NBN helps Australia to conquer distance and improve standards across a broad spectrum of health, education, industry and entertainment areas.

Why Naked ADSL is worth the price

Right now, there are millions of Australian Internet users that are holding on to their fixed telephone line, just to ensure that they have an Internet connection. It is an unnecessary, almost anachronistic cost.

5 Major Benefits of NBN

The NBN is an important part of Australia’s digital evolution, offering access to essential broadband services throughout the country. Opportunities in business, education, health care, entertainment, social networking and essential services are critical benefits of NBN, providing options for greater productivity, efficiency and connectivity.

How to Choose the Best NBN Plan

The National Broadband Network (NBN) can claim the best technology in today’s competitive market. Increased stability and high speed and a cheaper option for most people, makes the NBN truly desirable. The best NBN plans – offered by service providers like Telesurf – are generally easy to follow, giving you options for selecting your preferred speed and usage quota and

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Best Productivity Apps Part 2

Following on from our last blog, Best Productivity Apps Part 1, we have ten more apps that will streamline your productivity and help you function with your everyday work:

Best Productivity Apps Part 1

Smartphones and tablets nowadays are with us everywhere we go; whether we use them for personal or professional use, or maybe a bit of both. With larger screen, we are able to create our own unique content, while powerful processors enable us to work quickly and efficiently. With most modern devices allowing us to hook up to Wi-Fi, we’re all

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What’s Your Speed? Understanding Internet Speeds

We have all heard someone ask (and I’m sure, at times, asked ourselves) the following or similar questions; “The speed test tells me I can download 4Mb of video in 3sec, but it just keeps stopping – why?” or “my download and upload speeds are 512kBps – why is skype so erratic?”. More often than not, we almost always blame

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Cloud Computing – How the NBN is helping

The NBN will enable millions of consumers in Australia to utilise cloud computing, in both home and business to acquire previously inaccessible services. This technologically advanced, multi-million dollar system was rolled out in Tasmania on July 2010 and will hopefully be completed in June 2021.