How SME’s can benefit from the NBN

How SME’s can benefit from the NBN

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a broadband fibre network set to equip Australian households and commercial establishments with access to high-speed Internet — even in remote areas of the country. The Australian federal government announced their plans to build this national network in 2009 to quicken Internet speeds.

The Potential of NBN in Australia

The country’s NBN project is perhaps one of the biggest infrastructure missions. In fact, most have compared it to the power grid system and modern road building of the previous century — furnishing the country with a robust communication network that has never been seen before.

Managed by NBN Co, the NBN fibre-based network is expected to complete by 2020 — if everything goes according to plan. Over the years, the NBN initiative in Australia has faced several controversies because of the government’s altering plans in reaching households and businesses through NBN. Despite all this criticism and opposition, the fact remains that NBN is not going anywhere, and if you’re a small business owner, you may want to reap the benefits of this new high-speed Internet development as quickly as you possibly can.

How SMEs Can Benefit from NBN?

The whole reason behind the NBN project is to introduce faster Internet speeds across Australia. This will enable better and real-time communication without interruptions — creating global inclusiveness from different locations. With the introduction of faster Internet speeds, every aspect of an SME business will improve — whether it is ecommerce, file sharing, accessing online services, payment systems, telecommuting and communication. SME’s that apply NBN to their businesses can expect:

  • Faster Internet Speeds: This improves online communication, whether it is video conferencing, voice applications, emails and file sharing. SME’s will especially benefit from faster and more efficient global communication.
  • Cheaper: With the nationwide rollout of NBN, the Internet is expected to be cheaper in rural and remote regions of Australia. With cheaper Internet costs, better access and faster web access speeds, rural businesses will find tremendous benefit in moving many of their rural applications online for better records.
  • Better Retail Operations: In a world where online retail is rising in significance, even brick-and-mortar retailers will find value in using NBN to establish an online storefront to stay afloat. Adding an online component will not only help businesses establish an online presence, but it will also help them increase foot traffic when people know what to expect. Because of the bandwidth boost of NBN, more interactive websites can enhance the user experience for better connection to consumers.
  • Put Businesses on the Global Map: An increasingly globalised world means that international businesses operate in several different countries. While that may sound like a threat to Australian SME’s, NBN presents them with an opportunity to reach a larger global audience through the Internet. Global consumers will be able to access Australian sites faster and communication time will reduce to close deals.


Faster Internet is the call of the hour — it will leapfrog business prospects and help SMEs succeed more efficiently in their operations. NBN will also offer packages for SMEs, so they don’t have to pay for high-end business Internet services. Ultimately, NBN will serve the interests of SMEs — so it’s a wise decision to invest in it as soon as it is made available.

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