How the NBN Is Going To Change the Face of Australia

How the NBN Is Going To Change the Face of Australia

The NBN will have a massive effect upon Australia in all aspects including work/life balance, entertainment and social interactivity. In fact, the changes that the NBN will bring to Australia could be viewed as the most significant in the past one hundred years.

According to a recent report entitled ‘Australia’ and released by renowned Australian demographer, Bernard Salt, in ‘Towards a Super Connected Australia’, the NBN will change the face of working Australia completely. Salt believes that the following changes are bound to occur:

  • Work will be completed in bursts of activity over a 24-hour timeframe rather than in the traditional nine-to-five ‘work day’.
  • People could work for businesses or own new businesses, that connect globally sourced products with local markets or that connect local products with international buyers.
  • There will be more access to on-demand content, which will allow Australians to watch the programs they want, when they want, which may lead to the growth in micro and niche sports such as curling, hurling and lacrosse. While second tier sports like Hockey and baseball may be able to grow their audience.
  • The ways people use to communicate with family and friends will be vastly different because of the universality of the internet and the increased scope to use technology like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and other technology yet-to-be-invented.
  • For the first time location will not determine employability. There will no longer be a necessity to live in the suburbs and work in the city to do many of the jobs that have become the staple of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.
  • As more people set up their own small businesses or deliver work over high-speed broadband there could be a move away from big cities to sea change and tree-change locations.
  • The home of the future might well be the central location for us to conduct our work, rest and play. It may have a single communications hub or more likely a series of workspaces where mum, dad and kids connect into their work, school and social networks. The home may evolve into a new style of hotel where household members come and go and interact in much the same way office workers of the future might come and go and collaborate as required.
  • The old idea of an ‘eight-hour working day’ will be turned on its head with leisure, rest and social interaction time taking more prominence than ever before.


These developments will truly change the face of Australia with many of the ‘normal’ aspects of Australian life becoming old hat. A world of telecommuting workers and students will substantially reduce the need for cars and even public transport. While some of this may seem fanciful, the fact is that the NBN makes many work tasks and study assignments possible to be done on a telecommuting basis. The face of Australia will inevitably change as we adapt and use the new technologies that will continue to evolve.

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