National Broadband Network Progress

National Broadband Network Progress

The NBN rollout is set to cover both existing Brownfield areas and new Greenfield spaces through a mix of fibre, fixed wireless and satellite technologies. The NBN plan was introduced in 2009 and has been working its way into Australian households and businesses, with the final delivery to be completed by 2020.

The steady progress of NBN has borne fruit in certain parts of Australia already. The data provided here is a reflection of the position of NBN, based on details provided up until 21 May 2015. Construction of NBN infrastructure has been completed in blocks, so there may be a surge in some weeks and less or even none in other weeks — this is dependent on several factors. Following the completion of the process of construction, validation of address data is undertaken based on estimates from the national address information. That’s why there may be some variations in the numbers from one week to another.

The most recent NBN report reflects that Australian government’s call out for better transparency, based on the Statement of Expectations for the NBN rollout. As of 21 May 2015, the NBN weekly rollout progress has seen approximately 20,826 additional premises and lots covered under the network. Out of this total, Brownfield projects accounted for approximately 10,741, while Greenfield areas were approximately 2,094.

The coverage for fixed wireless technology increased by approximately 7,991 lots and premises. During the week, 8,297 premises activated their NBN services through the network, out of which 7,420 were based on fixed line services, while 877 used fixed wireless and satellite technologies.


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