National Broadband Network Speed and Its Benefits

National Broadband Network Speed and Its Benefits

You will have no doubt heard or read that the National Broadband network will increase Internet speeds exponentially but figuring out how those increased speeds will help you can be a little confusing. The benefits of increased speed simply allow the quicker exchange of data between locations on the Internet. This allows for greater flexibility and functionality for users of the Internet in a variety of business and recreational settings.

Currently, the average Internet speed in Australia is between 4.7 and 5.5 Mbps (megabytes per second). With the introduction of the NBN, Telesurf are able to provide Internet Speeds far in excess of that. Telesurf currently offer NBN services that have speeds that range between 12/1 (12 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload) to 100/40. With this increased speed, the Internet offers a greater range of diversity and possibilities.

Some areas that offer immediate benefit potential include:

  • Entertainment in the form of fast movie downloads at affordable prices. High definition movies will be provided to you on demand. Hosted music services will stream and play music anywhere. Videos can be shared amongst family and friends without waiting indefinitely for files to upload. Gamers will have access to faster and more lifelike games.
  • Telehealth – today there are some nurses checking in on patients in remote locations, via Internet connections like Skype. The introduction of the NBN offers great opportunities for this practice to expand exponentially.
  • Remote learning. Many remote (and not so remote) schools are severely handicapped by the lack of resources on the ground. Current Internet connection speeds in many areas make learning remotely difficult, frustrating and tiresome. The increased NBN speeds will allow students to quickly and easily access subjects and content across vast distances.
  • Faster two way Internet. Faster upload and download times mean a more reliable and responsive Internet experience.
  • Smart Homes. The NBN over time will allow your home to be much more interactive. The potential for smart appliances, integrated security systems and remote minding of your home is largely untapped. You can expect that as the NBN rolls out, new technologies will emerge that will make your home safer and more efficient.
  • Job flexibility. Video conferencing, fast connections, secure cloud services and innovative management may make working from home a reality for many professions.
  • Haptic systems will transmit touch and movement. These systems are still being developed, but the NBN makes the transmission of data possible. It won’t be too far in the future where you may be able to squeeze a Haptic controller and a physiotherapist will feel and analyse your grip from somewhere far away!

While initially, the big benefits of increased speed that the NBN provides will be appreciated primarily by movie lovers and gamers; there is great potential for new and exciting uses of the Internet to be applied in business, health and education fields. NBN will provide the speed to bring your business and your family roaring into the twenty first century.

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