NBN and Your Business – The Hidden Benefits

NBN and Your Business – The Hidden Benefits

NBN is set to offer a clever shift in the way Australia uses the online medium for communication. As the copper wires gradually get upgraded to fibre optic wires, improved broadband speeds will propel small businesses on the fast track to success –provided they take advantage of everything NBN has to offer. As old copper wires retire, the new NBN network will help small businesses benefit from fast Internet speeds and better communication — not just on a local front, but from a global standpoint as well. While faster communication through high-speed Internet is the key to success, there are some hidden gems that may not be as visible, but are equally responsible for the success of a business. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes benefits of employing NBN for your small business.

  • Better Staff Management: With the employment of NBN, you’ll be able to offer your staff flexible working hours — to reduce your overhead costs. The flexibility you offer your staff can also have a positive impact in terms of enhanced productivity. A happier workforce is certainly far more efficient than unhappy employees are. Engage with your staff through HD video conferencing and smart call management to communicate effectively. Ultimately, a more productive workforce will enhance your profitability.
  • Simpler Accounting Process: How many times have you had to rack your brains to crunch the numbers for your business? Moreover, you still likely have issues! Without proper skills in this field, you’ve probably hired external accountants on multiple occasions — all of which come at a cost, but high-speed cloud-computing technology provided by NBN can automate your accounting processes to simplify your job and save you money by getting the numbers right every time.
  • Enhanced Internet Security: By utilising faster and more reliable broadband through NBN, small businesses will be able to take advantage of highly secure cloud services to improve their data and Internet security.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: By automating the process of operation using cloud-based services and technologies, companies won’t have to worry about expensive manpower to operate efficiently. This will saves costs and improve profitability.

Most Aussie small businesses are not yet taking advantage of the huge opportunities provided by the cloud — only running basic applications like web hosting, storage and emails. However, there’s a myriad of new innovations just waiting to be unleashed for better collaboration, data security and online marketing. Improved broadband access through NBN will help small businesses embrace the revolution of cloud computing for success within and outside the region.

Access to new technology powered by reliable broadband is the key to unlock the potential of small Australian businesses to help them compete in a digital global economy. The NBN rollout enables businesses to discover new tools and products without needing in-house specialists to decrease their operational cost and enhance their productivity. According to a KPMG estimate, NBN adoption could potentially increase the size of the economy by $3.32 billion ever year. With over 800,000 SME’s operating in Australia, the potential of NBN adoption will turn the wheels of progress to create a robust Australian economy powered by the digital revolution.

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