NBN Case Studies – Productivity Gains for Businesses

NBN Case Studies – Productivity Gains for Businesses

It is quite easy to say that the NBN will deliver productivity gains to businesses, but it is much more believable when you can read about real businesses that have embraced NBN and picked up significant productivity gains. Let’s look at some specific examples in the fields of agriculture, construction, tourism and manufacturing.

Cast Study 1: Tony Crowley is an agronomist based in Mackay who offers a consultancy service with a Geographic Information System (GIS). As well as using email, Tony uses GIS mapping and video conferencing software to connect with his clients. As many of the reports and maps produced by Tony are contained in huge files, it is imperative that his clients are connected to high speed Internet. As there is a local labour shortage in Mackay, many farmers have turned to GIS guided machinery to manage their production. Tony can remotely manage GIS planting and harvesting equipment from his office in Mackay. Tony is a strong advocate for the NBN and the productivity gains he can leverage to help his customers grow their business.

Case Study 2: RCQ Pty Ltd is a large construction company based in Townsville that administers between six and eight building projects at any one time. RCQ uses a fee based SaaS online document sharing system that allows project managers and contractors to quickly and easily share documents and projects with each other. When changes need to be made, the documents can be altered and shared with all interested parties immediately. It is fast and effective.
With the introduction of the NBN, RCQ are investigating using Computer aided design 3D, 4D and 5D software, which is now available in a cloud based service. The use of this software could save hundreds of hours by having high-speed connections to the building sites.

Case Study 3: The Brisbane Airport Corporation sees itself as the gateway to Queensland and, as such, has an important role to play in the promotion of places and events to airport tourists. All travel promoters are aware of the effectiveness of video promotion. The problem has always been that they have been reliant upon open source platforms and social media sites, which have unreliable deliverability speeds. With the introduction of NBN, Brisbane Airport Corporation can take their marketing to the next level by producing and streaming their own promotional videos direct to any computer device. By using the NBN, the corporation will be able to coordinate campaigns using digital posters, airport screens, hotels and shopping precincts.

Case Study 4: Noja Power uses its high-speed internet to connect its international staff to the head office in Brisbane. There is a constant need to upload and access large documents and this places high demands on Internet usage. The NBN makes all the difference. The Brisbane based company had to employ an agent in South America to participate in online auctions as – prior to the NBN – they could not participate in real time. This cost has now been removed.

These case studies demonstrate the real benefits that real business can obtain through the NBN.

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