NBN Coverage Update

With the benefits of the NBN now being experienced by a growing proportion of Australians, it is an appropriate time to review the NBN coverage across Australia.

As Australia’s NBN coverage grows, more and more Australians will reap the benefits of faster Internet speeds. Already, over one million Australians are experiencing faster Internet speeds that are having positive impacts across all areas of life. Faster Internet speeds deliver more efficient business outcomes, better health services, more entertainment options, better education solutions and greater employment opportunities.

It hasn’t taken long for NBN to have positive impacts on the people and businesses that have been connected and some of those benefits are not immediately obvious.

  • The NBN is assisting parents to get access to quality parenting advice on demand from dedicated internet sites, with easily downloadable and accessible material
  • Older people are getting more ready access to reliable diagnostic and monitoring services that give them greater freedom and less reliance upon fixed health services.
  • Greater entertainment possibilities. There are more games and greater access to movies and music

In acknowledgement of the interest and indeed, some impatience surrounding NBN coverage, the nbn™ has just released its quarterly NBN construction update.

The highlight of the update is that another two hundred thousand homes and businesses will be added to the National Broadband network by the end of 2016

New communities listed to be added to the plan include:

  • Western Australia: Parts of Margaret River in the South West and Kalgoorlie
  • Queensland: Buderim on the Sunshine Coast and Springfield in Greater Brisbane
  • New South Wales: Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast as well as Ryde, North Sydney and North Manly in Sydney
  • Victoria: Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula and Beaconsfield in Greater Melbourne

According to nbn™  Chief Operating Officer, Greg Adcock, the expansion of the rollout is ahead of schedule and reflects the company’s new multi-technology approach, which is resulting in more homes and businesses being connected at a greater rate than they have been previously. This multi-technology approach is seen as being a critical step toward reaching the goal of connecting eight million premises to the network by 2020. Today with NBN coverage across Australia, around ten percent of all Australian homes and businesses can connect to the nbn™ network. Nbn™ is confident that they can double the rate of connection over the next 18 months.

Australia’s NBN coverage continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate. If you are one of the one million Australians that already has access to the NBN, you will already have begun to grasp the benefits and the possibilities that the NBN brings. If you are one of the two hundred thousand homes and businesses due to be connected, then you are about to be introduced to an exciting world of innovation and possibility.

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