NBN – In the Game!

If there’s one demographic that’s most excited about the rollout of the NBN in Australia, it’s the gamers. Just look at any gaming forum pre and post rollout to see just how eager and excited this particular group has been about the NBN and its benefits to the gaming community.

The long awaited improvement in internet speeds and reliability has already made its mark amongst the gaming community, with players hooked up to the NBN saying that their gaming experience has been improved dramatically. The most impressive changes have been to online Co-op gaming (Cooperative gameplay), MOG (Multiplayer online game) gaming, MMOG (Massively multiplayer online game) gaming and MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) gaming, where the internet is used for online gameplay against opponents (or with allies) in real time.

Many gamers who participate in these gaming platforms choose to play socially in gaming centres, where banks of computers have been set up for this purpose. The majority of gaming centre members participate in team tournaments against other local and international gaming centres, where reliable internet connections can mean the difference between winning and losing. The stakes are high for many gamers too, with tournament wins yielding trophies, prize money and promotional prizes, so these players are very, very happy to see the end of dropouts and lag since the installation of NBN in their areas.

Social gamers aren’t the only ones benefitting from the NBN though – high-speed internet has revolutionised home gaming and has allowed for streaming games and faster game downloads to computers, consoles and tablets, as well as the addition of add-ons to be made to already purchased games. The speed and stability of super-fast internet has also opened up a whole new world for game developers to fully utilise the latest technology. This has resulted in an amazing array of high tech games that are becoming more and more realistic with each new release.

Overall, the benefits of the NBN to the gaming community are many and this group fought hard for their right to have access to it. So for that, we hail the gamers of Australia! We look forward to seeing the new and improved technologies that are developed as a result of communications technology and hope to see our Aussie gaming tournament teams and home gamers enjoying the benefits of NBN for years to come – after all, you’ve earned it… Game on!

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