NBN Speed Tiers Explained

NBN Speed Tiers Explained

With the introduction of the NBN speeds, which one will suit your needs? The speeds are judged on a tier system – think of it like a sliding scale! Of course, while each speed increase grants the user faster data transfers, it also come at a higher premium – even for those taking advantage of Telesurf’s amazing prices. Here’s an in-depth look into the speeds available to the general public connect to the NBN.

To understand the comparisons in pricing being made, we first need to understand how network speeds are defined and what capabilities are available to real-word users. Currently, the speed marketed for mobile or ADSL2+ broadband are the theoretical upper limits – the maximum speeds possible on the network. However, there are numerous things that can affect your at home speeds, like distance from the exchange, quality of copper wire and several other things. Therefore, users at the front end (very close to exchange) are receiving 10-12Mbps and at the back end, obtaining around 4 or 5Mbps. The great news is the NBN is much better equipped to deal with all of these hurdles, so speed obtained are generally across the board – depending on the package you choose. There are other factors that you need to take into account, like the quality of your hardware; however, these are the basic available options:

Tier 1 – basic household use.

At this level, you’ll receive around 12Mbps download speeds and this would be best suited to households that only use the internet for basic online tasks, like email, study or work purposes. These are around the speeds that current ADSL2+ user are receiving already, so price should be similar.

Tier 2 – Moderate to heavy household use.

The speeds received at tier 2 are set at 25Mbps, which is technically only 1Mbps faster than ADSL2+. However, customers are granted the ‘real useable’ speed on the NBN; whereas customers on ADSL2+ normally only receive half to a quarter of those speeds.

These speeds are suitable for moderate usage like movie and music downloads, as well as everyday internet services.

Tier 3 – Small/medium business usage

This tier is on par with tier 2 when it comes to speeds – at 25Mbps. However, the upload speeds are doubled from 5 to 10 Mbps. With upload speeds usually being important for business owners, this package is an ideal option.

Tier 4 – Heavy home or business use

Are your current internet cost sitting at around the $100 mark? Well tier 4 will suit your every need! Not only is it super-fast, it’s super reliable too. At 50Mbps, you’ll see a dramatic increase in speeds and internet services will appear almost instantly. This includes online gaming, streaming and everything in-between.

Tier 5 – Wow, just WOW.

Do you want to take full advantage of the NBN? Then tier 5 has you covered! With staggering speeds of 50Mbps download and 40Mbps upload, you’ll never be waiting for anything online. Movies, music and online gaming will download/stream instantly! This will likely make you believe we have stepped into the future of the internet. This is the package for the serious internet user.

Does your hardware need upgrading?

While you may be receiving the new NBN packages, are you using the right modem/router? Because if you’re not, I’m afraid you’re missing out! If you’re still using your old ADSL2+ modem, it’s time to upgrade – I mean, you are paying for super-fast internet, why would you not use the best equipment for your new service? Whichever speed you choose, you’re guaranteed to get the very best service with a connection through Telesurf, so enjoy!

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