Customise your plan or select from the recommendations below.

Customise your plan or select from the
recommendations below.

ADSL Essential

20/1 mbps


Suitable if you need a phone line and are happy with a slow speed that still allows you to comfortably browse online, check emails, stream music and watch videos in Standard Definition (SD).

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  • TOTAL MIN. COST $846.40 Over 24 Months
  • SET UP FEE$70.00
  • LINE RENTAL Included
  • LOCAL CALLS Included
  • NATIONAL CALLS $0.09/minute
  • MOBILE CALLS$0.28/minute
  • FLAGFALL $0.22/call
  • INTERNATIONAL CALLS View call rates
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$32.35 pm

Thank you for helping us support others!

We at Telesurf, believe in paying it forward. By supporting us, we’re able to support worthy causes. At the end of the year, a margin or our profits will go to Soldier On.


Soldier On

Soldier On work side by side with those who serve and protect Australia, and their families, helping them to secure their future. It is a non-government funded entity with centres Australia-wide.

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