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Trust the service you can count on.

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What makes us better?

Great Customer Service

Easy Connection Process

Plain-talk Support

Simple Billing

Best Connection Equipment

No Lock-in Contract

We believe in OCOO

Getting a home internet connection should be easy. Getting support when you need it should be easier.

Our One Call One Operator (OCOO) policy means that you will get any and all your questions answered by the same person who picks up your call.

Our customer support team is not only Australia-based, but they’re trained and well-equipped to handle questions on sales, account, billing and technical issues.

Say bye bye to automated answering systems, being transfered from one department to another, providing your details multiple times per call, not getting immediate answers and extended waiting periods!

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Now that you have the support you can count on, get the home internet plan that suits.


NBN is a government initiative delivering fast, reliable internet connections. If it’s available in your area, then you need to sign up for it as it’s slowly rolled out nation-wide replacing other connections and delivering better speeds.


Similar in speed to NBN, cable broadband is suitable if you live in an Opticomm estate or you’re after a high speed connection and NBN hasn’t rolled out in your area. Broadband currently delivers similar connection speeds as the NBN.


Suitable if you don’t have NBN and your speed requirements are minimum for casual browsing and standard definition streaming. ADSL is connected through copper cables originally intended for phone lines only that’s why speed is minimal with ADSL.


Don’t feel trapped by your current mobile service provider. Switch to one of our great value SIM – only mobile plans and keep your phone and mobile number. We offer a range of high speed data packages with unlimited calls and texts.







Listen to what our customers have to say

Why choose us?

One team

We work closely with our clients to understand how current systems are being used and what systems are conducive for future business objectives.


We allocate the right experts for each task. We have specialists in auditing, design, migration, managed services and more.


Our ongoing support is tailored to ensure our clients do realise the benefits and see value in each project we’re involved in.