The Amazing Benefits of NBN for Your Kids!

The Amazing Benefits of NBN for Your Kids!

Not only does the NBN offers great opportunities for your kids to learn and develop with fast growing technologies, it will open pathways to a new digital powered lifestyle for the coming generation.

Of course, once connected to the NBN your kids now will be able to get access to all of the benefits that this rapidly changing technology will bring. The NBN has facilitated the rapid introduction of viewing on demand, via new entertainment channels, and your kids will enjoy the benefits of entertainment on demand in an ever growing and rapidly changing market place.

While the temptation is to relate kids to entertainment, YouTube, Facebook and games when you think Internet, the truth is that the NBN offers much more than just entertainment. The digital age is going to open doorways to future industries and employment and the NBN offers the speed and flexibility for kids to learn new skills through this exciting medium.

The opportunities to learn in new and exciting ways with the NBN, regardless of where you live, are many. As the NBN expands across the country – and businesses and educators embrace and develop new technologies to take advantage of the communication potential that the NBN offers –these opportunities will continue to grow.

The NBN allows the transfer of data between computers at vastly improved speeds, enabling real time interactive communication to be done efficiently and without any of those annoying lag times that slow Internet speeds inevitably cause. Interactive learning can be accomplished in an enjoyable fashion, in the comfort of your own home.

While the NBN offers great learning and entertainment opportunities for your kids, it also offers a brighter – perhaps more balanced – working future than what you are accustomed to. As businesses adapt to the possibilities that the NBN offers, it is highly probable that new working arrangements will evolve, where it is possible for many professions to work from home. The current nine to five regime is set to change as businesses discover that it is more efficient to engage workers to work from home and to deliver agreed outputs within set time frames. According to a recent report, ‘Towards a Super Connected Australia’, released by well-known demographer, Bernard Salt, your kids will:

  • Work in bursts of activity over a period of twenty-four hours at the times that suit them.
  • Could work for businesses or own businesses that connect globally sourced products with local buyers, or connect local buyers with International markets
  • Have no need to work in a capital city or to endure the wasted time commuting to the office.

By the year 2030, your kids will be living in a world globally powered by fast broadband speeds. The opportunities for meaningful engaging employment will never have been so great.

The NBN is here. It offers a revolution in education, entertainment and lifestyle. Your kids are going to reap the benefits.

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