The NBN for Work, Play and Study

The NBN for Work, Play and Study

The NBN is going to enhance Australian’s lives in three key areas – work, play and study; each is as exciting as the other. Let’s take a look at each area individually:


Australia’s work practices will be greatly enhanced by the implementation of the NBN. Businesses will be able to tap into higher Internet speeds and utilise videoconferencing and data sharing tools to deliver gains in productivity. The real gains, however, may be made in the employer/ employee relationship and it is likely to be a win- win scenario.

The potential to telecommute and to perform productive work batches within set time periods, using high tech video conferencing, file sharing and encryption services using the NBN, opens a world of possibilities for workers of the future. In all likelihood, this will involve a move away from pay rates and a closer alignment to performance based pay. Workers will be paid on a set rate of deliverables rather than for hourly attendance. This opens exciting possibilities, when those deliverables can be met via file upload or video conferencing. Once employers and employees grasp the possibilities of this concept, the work life of the future takes on a whole new world of possibilities. Telecommuting in a real sense will become a much more viable alternative for many workers and the advantages of these potential arrangements are many – particularly for women, who will be encouraged to stay in the workforce longer.


The NBN has many recreational advantages. Online gaming is set to become more popular and realistic as Internet speeds increase and allow more data to be transferred quickly between servers. The NBN doesn’t just offer better gaming as a play option though – the increased availability of entertainment on demand sites, in the form of movies and music in particular, will offer users many entertainment options. As technologies improve and are developed, video conferencing and Haptic technologies will allow greater social networking – what these forms take is hard to envisage, but rest assured the NBN will make for exciting and new forms of entertainment in the years to come.


Perhaps much more important is the benefits that students can gain from the NBN. Traditional schools have the facilities to employ video conferencing and remote learning methods, but are severely hampered by current speeds. . The NBN will speed overall school performance and let students participate in distant classes by using interactive white boarding and videoconferencing from their homes. This may sound like an unnecessary luxury in city areas, but in rural areas – where small schools have great difficulty offering many essential classes, simply because they don’t have enough students to justify a teacher – virtual classes become an essential element of a student’s learning processes. Virtual classes can link students across large geographical distances and make classes that have previously been inaccessible easy to access and participate in.

The NBN offers great opportunities in the areas of work, play and study, and these opportunities will continue to grow and expand as new technologies emerge


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