Why Australia Needs NBN

Why Australia Needs NBN

Australia is a vast continent that has always had to battle the tyranny of distance. By offering fast affordable reliable Broadband Internet to all Australians, the NBN helps Australia to conquer distance and improve standards across a broad spectrum of health, education, industry and entertainment areas.

While the popular view may be that the NBN may be great for downloading and watching movies and other entertainment options, the real value of the NBN lies in the following areas.

  • Lower start-up costs for business. Having access to high-speed broadband internet in the home gives people the opportunity to establish their business locally, without having to relocate or pay excessive fees to start and run a business. This allows the business owner to literally run their business from anywhere. Rather than moving to a major centre or a capital city to access the internet speeds required to start a new online business (as usually required up until now), the NBN will allow businesses to access those speeds available wherever they choose to. This means that the barriers preventing people from starting and participating in business are removed, without having to substantially change their lifestyle.
  • A benefit of this increased accessibility is that small towns may see an increase in active businesses. Cost is always a major consideration for start-up businesses and the ability to relocate to quiet areas, with low cost of living and fast internet, will inevitably have its attractions for many fledgling businesses. The NBN makes every Australian town a potential home for new businesses looking to improve their bottom line.
  • Improved health. The opportunities provided by the NBN in areas such as Telehealth – which enables patients to be monitored and consulted remotely – are extremely beneficial. Health services in remote communities have always been a challenge to Australia; the NBN will help address these.
  • Education. Delivery of quality training and learning materials, via Internet and streaming video and other online channels, is becoming more prevalent and can only be properly facilitated by the provision of high-speed internet. The internet has a wealth of information, which can be accessed by anybody who has the ability to do so. When complete, the NBN will give all Australians greater opportunity to access the tools needed to further their own education.
  • Greater access to more varied entertainment in the form of fast movie downloads at affordable prices. High definition movies will be provided to you on demand. Hosted music services will stream and play music anywhere. Videos can be shared amongst family and friends without waiting indefinitely for files to upload. Gamers will have access to faster and more lifelike games. These services mean that you will have greater choice and will be able to cater to your specific tastes.
  • Improved international competiveness. As internet speeds around the world increase, the NBN will allow us to maintain relevance in the global marketplace. More and more international business in the form of video communication, email and ecommerce is conducted online.

The NBN is clearly vital for Australia’s future wellbeing and competiveness and we are proud to be a part of this innovative technology.



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