Why Do We Need The NBN?

Why Do We Need The NBN?

The NBN rollout involves the installation of high-capacity fibre optic cables for delivering superfast Internet speeds to households and businesses across Australia. Using state-of-the-art and weather resistant technology, these fibre optic cables are set to unleash unimaginable Internet prospects like never before for users who access the Internet for recreation or business purposes.

NBN is vital for the country’s digital development and offers a myriad of opportunities in education, entertainment, sociability, healthcare and business — enabling people to be more creative, productive and universally connected. Current and future generations will see tremendous value in the introduction of NBN for several applications, propelling the country forward into the next century.

The aim of NBN is to create reliable and fast phone and Internet services through several providers. Because of the nature of the country, there will be a combination of technologies for delivering this broadband network. NBN fibre is expected to reach 93% of the population with download speeds up to 100 Mbps. This runs fibre optic cables right to people’s doorsteps. Since Australia is very large, fixed wireless systems will connect 4% of the population that do not come into the fibre rollout. NBN satellite is expected to reach 3% of the population, with the full service launch being planned for 2016. The NBN rollout is expected to benefit households and businesses tremendously.

Benefits at Home

  • Better work life balance with more and more people working from home with their fast and reliable network connections.
  • Better connectivity and face-to-face contact with family and loved ones across geographies, removing the distance barrier.
  • Every person is the household can access the Internet together on multiple devices without slowing down the connection speed.
  • High-capacity video streaming, music and online games are a breeze for users without worrying about slow speeds and long download times.
  • Better education opportunities that extend beyond the class.
  • Access to e-health and other health-related knowledge with fast Internet speeds by taking advantage of video consultations, record sharing and medical diagnosis.


Benefits for SMEs

  • Face to face engagement with suppliers, associates, customers and colleagues through video conferencing without leaving your desk and paying for expensive travel.
  • Cloud-based services help bring down the burden of time-consuming offline applications to help businesses reduce their overall cost.
  • Quick speed Internet will improve the experience for customers and will give you access to Internet-enabled markets that extend well beyond the geographical boundaries of Australia for a larger customer pool.
  • Flexible schedules for work force helps boost productivity by enabling them to work from remote locations — helping bring down your overhead costs.
  • Potential to exploit new channels of marketing and communication for products and services to expand business and improve performance.
  • Creates improved collaboration with the workforce by bringing the best team together, irrespective of geographies.


The NBN rollout is vital to the country’s digital progress by facilitating social and economic growth. Growth and technology are fundamentally connected, which makes this a crucial investment for the Australian economy. Fast and reliable networks will open up the country to new markets by driving innovation and competition on the global stage.

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