Why Naked ADSL is worth the price

Why Naked ADSL is worth the price

Right now, there are millions of Australian Internet users that are holding on to their fixed telephone line, just to ensure that they have an Internet connection. It is an unnecessary, almost anachronistic cost.

Typically, when you choose to use an Internet service, you pay to rent the copper line for a fixed monthly price, so that you can make and receive phone calls. Currently, this arrangement results in you being levied with three distinct fees – a fee to rent the phone line, a fee for the phone calls that you make and an additional fee for broadband Internet services. Bundled plans bundle these three costs together and charge one flat fee, but they still include the three components in their ‘bundled’ fee structure. Naked ADSL slashes that fee structure substantially.

DSL makes it possible to remove the fixed telephone line from consumers’ homes and to still have access to premium Internet services. It doesn’t mean you can’t have access to a standalone phone either. Modern advancement in telecommunication and Internet services make the fixed telephone line and obligatory handset all but obsolete.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services – like the increasingly popular Skype – make phone calls using the Internet (rather than a fixed line service to make phone calls) not only possible, but in most cases, less expensive. VOIP phones appear almost the same as a standard wireless phone and they act for all intents and purposes in exactly the same way. You dial out to any number and you’ll connect. You are provided with a number for people to dial in. The only difference is that your phone number will probably start with a different digit than you’re used to… but that’s a non-issue when you consider the cost advantages.

Naked ADSL just makes perfect sense. The clear advantages of using Naked ADSL are:

  • You will pay less per month. The need for a fixed line service is removed and you no longer need to pay that annoying standard cost of a monthly line rental
  • You can still make voice calls via VOIP. Not only are these calls convenient, they also in many cases offer call rates for less cost than fixed phone call rates.
  • If you don’t want to make calls from your home at all because your mobile phone suits all your needs, then there are plenty of plans that don’t include extra charges for VOIP.

When you choose to install naked ADSL, you won’t notice any physical changes to your existing arrangements. You get a new naked ADSL modem and plug it into the same socket as you would plug your ADSL modem into. The difference is that instead of using the line to make your phone call, your call is routed over the internet. Naked ADSL is the future of telecommunications. It is cost effective and easy to install.

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