Will Australia’s New NBN Be World Class?

Will Australia’s New NBN Be World Class?

Having world class broadband Internet is a necessity for Australia’s education and business sector and the NBN initiative was meant to ensure that Australia could enjoy world class Internet speed and flexibility.

Currently, with Australia’s NBN rollout a long way from being completed, Australia sits a lowly forty-fourth in world terms for Internet speed, and when it comes to Internet quality, the most important factor is speed. The obvious question then becomes, will Australia’s roll out of the NBN result in world class Internet speed?

When you compare Australia’s roll out strategy to the current world leader, Switzerland, you will find solid reasons to believe that Australia’s NBN will indeed be world class.

Originally, Australia adopted a plan of delivering Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and – while this would have delivered outstanding speeds – the logistics and take up rate meant that a full roll out of Australia’s NBN would not have been complete until 2024. Australia has adapted its strategy to a mixed one that will see the roll out completed in a much faster time.

Switzerland too have adopted a mixed strategy with FTTP, fibre to the distribution point and fibre to the node being used to deliver quality outcomes across the country. The Swiss use several companies to deliver their Broadband and the company delivering 250 Mbps, UPC Cablecom, is using the same kind of cable networks that Australia is using.

Recent initiatives by the NBN Co have seen agreements reached with both Telstra and Optus that will ensure roll out of the NBN at a much quicker pace and – most importantly – deliver speeds to ninety per cent of Australian homes of over 50 Mbps. Switzerland – who is currently ranked as the world leader in broadband delivery and speed – has an average connection speed of 14.5 Mbps.

As Switzerland are the current benchmark – and given the projections of speed that the NBN has for over ninety percent of Australian users – it is apparent that Australia’s NBN system will be world class.

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